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Quinoa and other Nutrient-dense Crop Species

Are you looking for a reliable ingredient supplier? Then look no further, as we have years of experience in supplying super grains to major food manufacturers and contract packers. If there are specific quinoa-based value-added products that you would like us to explore for you, then please get in touch.

At QuinoaHub in addition to our quinoa grains, we also supply a wide range of other bulk ingredients to food manufacturers and co-packers alike. We can provide the following range of additional products:

Sourcing QuinoaHub Products

QuinoaHub is committed to building strong customer relationships and can offer substantial volumes of high-quality products. Safety standards are followed, and vertical integration guarantees full traceability.

The minimum order for the products:

  • Local (Rwandan) Market is 5kg

  • Regional Market is 1 ton

  • International Market is 20 tons

For further information, please contact.

Bulk packaging shipping worldwide

We have a variety of bulk packaging options available with shipping worldwide. Custom pricing and packaging are available upon request.

For further information, please contact us. (


We’re fueling kitchens. From forward-thinking bakeries to contemporary restaurants that rely on clean label, non-GMO ingredients, our entire portfolio of products is ready to serve the changing marketplace. Let us unlock new opportunities for you and your clients. Inspiration should always taste this good.



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