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Model Farmers Program

Micro extension and integration

Our products and services are designed to help make nutritious food more available, accessible, and affordable while promoting ecological farming.
Improved Seeds

We develop nutritious, agronomically competitive crop varieties and make the seeds available to farmers and other stakeholders.

Farm Livelihoods

We partner with farmers to share best practices and strengthen farming communities.

Market Access

Every farmer in our network has access to a guaranteed profitable market. We also transport food to areas of need.

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Quantifying Farmer Evaluation of Technologies

Dr. Siegunde Snapp

Outgrowers Program

QuinoaHub has developed a comprehensive Outgrower Program that equips small-scale farmers with the necessary knowledge and access to high-value inputs, and a market to expand their businesses and risk mitigation strategies. By providing them with direct market access, we act as off-takers, taking out the middlemen, this gives them a chance for better profit. QuinoaHub’s current Outgrower Program in Rwanda and other countries where we operate provides training in the cultivation, handling, and harvesting of high-value super grains. We work hand-in-hand with the farmers and their communities, through collaborative agroecological systems and knowledge-sharing that strengthen their capacities and access to the right seed source of nutrient-dense foods.


With demand for high-quality, nutritious plant-based ingredients on the rise, at QuinoaHub we offer a complete solution for quinoa and other super grains. An incremental number of QuinoaHub’s Outgrowers are trained and officially certified as Supergrains Growers. Following a contract-farming approach, QuinoaHub guarantees the off-take of the harvested crops to ensure the sustainability of this program.  

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