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Quinoa Mother-Baby Trials

Quantifying Farmer Evaluation of Technologies

While Rwandan quinoa production is expanding rapidly, the selection and development of regionally appropriate varieties are nascent.

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A replicated variety trial (Mother Trial) with thirty lines of interest from a 2020 field evaluation of the quinoa world collection was planted in the Musanze District in the Northern Province. A subset of six lines from the Mother Trial was planted in unreplicated on-farm trials (Baby Trials) for evaluation by quinoa farmers.


Each of the 50 farmers planted out three experimental and one control line for a total of 25 on-farm replications per baby trial line. Questionnaires evaluating each line and the importance of quinoa traits were completed by each farmer throughout the season. Results of the producer survey as well as the yield, protein content, amino acid composition, and mineral content of the Mother and Baby Trials will be presented in the upcoming research publications.

A two-year study using a Mother-Baby design was established in February 2021 to identify novel high-performing genotypes for Rwandan production systems. This study aimed to:

  1. Identify quinoa genotypes with high agronomic performance and nutritional quality across a range of environments.

  2. Work with quinoa producers to identify priority traits for variety selection and development.