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We foster research and production of quinoa and other super grains, and make them available to farmers and other stakeholder to advance ecological farming and access to nutritious food that is locally and sustainably produced.

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QuinoaHub is a super grains production company that help farmers to grow safe and nutritious food, while promoting ecological farming. We focus on research, production, and distribution of quinoa and other super grains in Rwanda and other African countries.

Latest News 

Quinoa A ‘Possible Solution’ To Ending Malnutrition And Hunger, Says Entrepreneur

December 2020


Quinoa could become a ‘possible solution’ to ending malnutrition and hunger, according to an agricultural entrepreneur.


A pandemic of malnutrition calls for new food policies in Africa

November 2020


Policy, aid and private investments should go towards growing nutritious crops that are adapted to climate extremes.

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Sustainable Seed Systems Lab